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Kia Oil Change Services

LaFontaine Kia of Dearborn Dearborn MI

Kia Oil Change Services

At LaFontaine Automotive Group our customers are like family. We are focused on keeping our customers and employees safe. We are closely following the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) guidelines and recommendations regarding the spread of COVID-19. We are taking steps to protect you and our team members while delivering, picking-up and servicing all vehicles.

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Kia Oil Changes in Dearborn, MI

For Kia oil changes in Dearborn, bring your car to LaFontaine Kia, where our service department takes great care with all service jobs. Our factory-trained and certified technicians use genuine OEM parts w/ free parts & labor warranty with our state-of-the-art repair facilities and equipment. While we specialize in Kia automobiles, we service all makes and models and have a secure service pricing guarantee. Regular oil changes are the most important maintenance work you can have done for your engine’s health, regardless of the kind of car. We are in Dearborn, serving the greater Detroit area, including Taylor, and Westland, MI.


Popular Oil Change Services

the family deal LaFontaine Kia of Dearborn Dearborn MI

Conventional Oil

Conventional oil is a basic oil that has been used for decades in cars. Cars more than a couple of years old may do fine with this oil. It has minor modifications. This oil will work fine, but has to be changed often to be effective.

the family deal LaFontaine Kia of Dearborn Dearborn MI

Full Synthetic Oil

Full-synthetic oil is an oil that has been heavily modified for modern engines. Most new cars require full synthetic oil. It lubricates better, lasts longer, and is better for the environment. It costs more than conventional oil.

the family deal LaFontaine Kia of Dearborn Dearborn MI

Semi-Synthetic Oil

Semi-synthetic oil is a middle ground between the two. This helps to hold the cost down while still offering some benefits of full synthetic oil. Use synthetic-blend oil when transitioning from one to the other.

the family deal LaFontaine Kia of Dearborn Dearborn MI


A diesel engine oil change is for diesel engines, which have different needs. You may still choose between full synthetic and conventional oil with a diesel oil change.

The Purpose of Kia Engine Oil

Oil lubricates your engine and allows it to run smoothly. It also removes impurities it gathers from the engine and displaces some of the heat the engine generates. Any oil will deteriorate over time and will not work as well. If that happens, your engine will have to work harder, and it will wear out before it would have with proper maintenance. When it comes to oil, you have some options. Our factory-trained product specialist service advisor can help you make a choice, but the ultimate choice is yours.

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LaFontaine Kia of Dearborn Dearborn MI

Kia Oil Changes From LaFontaine Kia of Dearborn

In Wayne County, call LaFontaine Kia when you need an oil change near me. Check our website for oil change coupons, and we honor all competitor coupons. We are in Dearborn, close to Detroit, Taylor, and Westland, MI. Oil changes are easy to forget, so it is a good idea to do it on a regular schedule as recommended in your owner’s manual. We offer a Courtesy multi-point vehicle inspection to make sure everything is in good working order. Often if you take care of issues early, you will avoid more expensive repairs in the long run. This is particularly true for oil changes, so don’t put it off; call us today.

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LaFontaine Kia of Dearborn Dearborn MI
LaFontaine Kia of Dearborn Dearborn MI
LaFontaine Kia of Dearborn Dearborn MI
LaFontaine Kia of Dearborn Dearborn MI

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