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Kia Brake Services

LaFontaine Kia of Dearborn Dearborn MI

Kia Alignment Services

At LaFontaine Automotive Group our customers are like family. We are focused on keeping our customers and employees safe. We are closely following the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) guidelines and recommendations regarding the spread of COVID-19. We are taking steps to protect you and our team members while delivering, picking-up and servicing all vehicles.

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All About Brake System Service

Your vehicle’s brake system is what allows you to come to a safe stop whenever you need to decelerate. There are various components to the brake system and they all work in harmony to help your vehicle come to a stop whenever you need it on the road. A brake system service is an all-in-one service that aims to check all components of your brake system and service accordingly. LaFontaine Kia of Dearborn is here to explain some more information pertaining to Kia brake services in Dearborn that you can look forward to whenever you need it.


Popular Brake Services

the family deal LaFontaine Kia of Dearborn Dearborn MI

Brake Inspection

Multiple components make up your brake system. They are broken up into these different parts: Brake pads, Brake fluid and Brake rotors

These parts work to create the friction that is necessary to bring your vehicle to a safe stop every time you pump the brakes. Our mission is to check every component of your brake system to find out whether or not they are working properly or not.

the family deal LaFontaine Kia of Dearborn Dearborn MI

Brake Pad Replacement

Brake pad replacement is a simple procedure that your automotive expert at our facility can perform in no time at all. Your vehicle uses two types of brake pads: rear and front. Though they both do the same thing by creating friction on your vehicle that is needed to decelerate, both types of brake pads receive more punishment than the other. Front brake pads are the main source of stopping power in the vehicle and thus are damaged quicker than rear brake pads. You may find yourself replacing front brake pads more often than the rear. We provide expert brake pad replacement services that can get you the right brake pads you need for your vehicle.

the family deal LaFontaine Kia of Dearborn Dearborn MI

Brake Rotor Resurfacing

The brake rotor works in tandem with the brake pad to create stopping power. However, rust and other types of buildup on the brake rotor can dull its performance. Thankfully, we can provide brake rotor resurfacing that will chip away at the rust and other buildups on your brake rotor to improve its performance and its lifespan so you don’t have to replace it as often.

the family deal LaFontaine Kia of Dearborn Dearborn MI

Brake Fluid Exchange

Brake fluid is one of the most important components of your braking system. Brake fluid helps apply force to the brakes whenever you step on the brake pedal inside of your vehicle. The brake fluid reservoir needs to be checked every 24 to 36 months on your vehicle to ensure its working properly. We will inspect your brake fluid reservoir whenever you visit us for a brake system inspection and let you know whether or not your fluid levels need to be exchanged for a more potent batch of brake fluid.

Trust The Experts on Braking at LaFontaine Kia

LaFontaine Kia in Wayne County wants you to bring your vehicle to us for all of your brake inspections. Our team is dedicated to providing the highest quality of automotive care so you don’t have to worry about anything other than what’s on the road anytime you drive. Bring your vehicle to us today and we’ll provide you with a high quality brake service that you won’t forget!

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LaFontaine Kia of Dearborn Dearborn MI
LaFontaine Kia of Dearborn Dearborn MI
LaFontaine Kia of Dearborn Dearborn MI
LaFontaine Kia of Dearborn Dearborn MI

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